Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can be challenging and rewarding.

Many reasons may cause you to consider counseling such as:  difficulty communicating, loss of love/affection, parenting conflicts, financial conflict, alcohol abuse, job stress, infidelity, and blended-family adjustments.In addition to these, depression and anxiety may contribute to the disillusionment of your relationship. In any case, my main focus is to find out the nature of your concerns, identify your personal goals, and work with you to find the best choices towards a solution.

I offer a phone consultation to give you an opportunity to ask questions about me and my counseling style and also to obtain some information about your needs. If  during this conversation, you feel we are not a good fit, I will help facilitate referrals to other counselors in your area.

At the conclusion of the phone consultation we can schedule an initial appointment.  Ideally, I begin with an assessment so I can quickly learn a lot about the two of you. The assessment allows me to be able to make the right recommendations for your needs.

  1. The first meeting will be with both of you, so I can see how you communicate and interact.
  2. We then schedule separate appointments to find out more about your background and perspective with regard to how you view your situation. The individual appointments are extremely beneficial in helping me learn about you as separate people, with the unique characteristics you bring to your relationship.
  3. The last session is used to provide feedback, set up the treatment plan for our follow up sessions, or provide additional referrals.

There are times and situations where it may not be possible to follow the above assessment process, due to scheduling or insurance coverage. In those cases we modify the process on a case by case basis, always keeping the client’s best interests as a priority.

My sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes. I do give homework assignments and may recommend books or articles to read. Based on research and continuing education I believe that utilizing this approach offers the best chance for success. The goal being for you to achieve the relationship you are looking for.

I use Dr. John Gottman’s principles and have several questionnaires to help hone in on the target areas of conflict. I use a positive approach and believe counseling works best when it is driven by individual needs. Therefore my interventions are designed to the unique situations of each couple. I also believe that the counselor/client relationship is vital to the progress and encourage you to give me feedback about how you feel working with me.

Please feel free to call at 770-401-4239 to talk about your relationship and see if I might be able to help you. If I am not available please leave a time that is best for me to return your call.


Licensed Relationship Counselor, Author of 3 books, Helping couples re-discover the love & fulfillment in their marriage/relationship.