He Said, She Said, I Said

When it comes to relationships, couples often run into similar challenges.

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“Relationships are complicated, people aren’t perfect, and we often get caught in the narrow pathways of our own perceptions.” He Said She Said I Said helps people challenge their thinking, accept the difference of their significant-others thinking and then with a new perspective see it with improved understanding. The connection between the couple grows as they allow themselves to see differences as opportunities instead of conflict.

He Said She Said I Said includes actual statement from clients with a unique spin on it to show a new perspective in offering couples

He Said, She Said, I Said Wins Elit Award.



I am proud to share that my newest book He Said, She Said, I Said, was awarded the gold medal in the Elit Awards in Human Sexuality/ Relationship Category.


This book is for anyone in a relationship, who is tired of conflict and wants life to have happier moments.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?
She Said: I want to talk with him about issues like the kids, his mother, and the frustration I feel about
balancing my career with being a good mom. But every time I try to bring up these subjects,
he either closes down or gets angry. I don’t want him to fix the problems, I just want to be able to talk
with him about our lives.

He Said: I stopped feeling connected in my marriage many years ago, but I just don’t trust myself to
make the right decision about staying or leaving, so I just stay stuck.

She Said: Sure, I love him as a person, but I’m just not “in love” with him anymore.

If these challenges sound familiar, this book is for you! Couples Counselor, Barbara J. Peters, offers simple ideas and approaches for re-framing the way you look at the interactions and situations in your relationship.

“The clarity with which she addresses the different perspectives and misconceptions that couples encounter hits the relationship target dead center.” -Larry James, author



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