He Said, She Said, I Said

He Said, She Said, I Said: 7 Keys to Relationship Success!

Did You Know? A couple's connection can either be strengthened or weakened depending on how their differences are handled!

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Henry P.

"This book was very practical and informative. It will help both sexes gain a greater understanding of each others' perceptions and enable better communication between the sexes It also has helpful therapist responses."

When it comes to relationships, couples often run into similar challenges. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

She Said: I want to talk with him about issues like the kids, his mother, and the frustration I feel about balancing my career with being a good mom. But every time I try to bring up these subjects, he either closes down or gets angry. I don't want him to fix the problems; I just want to be able to talk with him about our lives.

He Said: I stopped feeling connected in my marriage many years ago, but I just don't trust myself to make the right decision about staying or leaving, so I just stay stuck.

She Said: Sure, I love him as a person, but I'm just not "in love" with him anymore.

About the Author: Barbara J Peters

Barbara Peters is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Author. The combination of her medical knowledge, empathic skills, and diverse experience in mental health settings has been instrumental in counseling clients. She has a passion for helping couples find the love and fulfillment in their marriage that has often long eluded them. In her books, calling on her own life experiences as a wife and mother, and by working with couples, she is able to help the reader navigate the road to a lasting marriage. The tools she provides in her books are realistic, usable, and have proven successful in all relationships. The writing style keeps the reader's interest, and many walk away with a treasure from her words. A new focus for Barbara is working with her therapy dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As a team, Barbara and Britan spend many hours in assisted living facilities and at The Charlotte Douglas Airport, bringing people smiles and joy. Barbara continues to spend her days helping others enjoy a better quality of life.


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"This is, by far, the BEST relationship book I've ever read and one of the best books I've ever read period. I've now read several chapters three times."

Councilor N.

"I enjoyed how the author touched upon all aspects of relationships and the 'he said, she said' dynamic. Nice, easy guide, well written, understandable, relatable."

Kimberly P.

"This is a very good read. Very insightful & easy to read. It makes sense & is not gibberish like some other help books."

Larry James

"The clarity with which she addresses the different perspectives and misconceptions that couples encounter hits the relationship target dead center!"

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Make Your Relationship Successful TODAY!

If these challenges sound familiar, this book is for you! Couples counselor, Barbara J. Peters, offers simple ideas and approaches for reframing the way you look at the interactions and situations in your relationship.

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