Never Too Old For Romance

Never Too Old For Romance 

The novel follows one woman's quest to rediscover herself in ways she had forgotten existed!

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Roselyne S.

"Very insightful novel, opens up an old mind to new possibilities. The author demonstrates that one should never give up on love and happiness, no matter the age. Well written with a clinical approach that was very helpful for personal analysis. Great story line too!"

Melanie, a sixty-six year old married woman, was living her life like a plane in a holding pattern: circling the sky, but unable to land. Unexpectedly, her life changed on a dime, taking her down a path of love, romance, pain, confusion, and transformation!

About the Author: Barbara J Peters

Barbara Peters is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Author. The combination of her medical knowledge, empathic skills, and diverse experience in mental health settings has been instrumental in counseling clients. She has a passion for helping couples find the love and fulfillment in their marriage that has often long eluded them. In her books, calling on her own life experiences as a wife and mother, and by working with couples, she is able to help the reader navigate the road to a lasting marriage. The tools she provides in her books are realistic, usable, and have proven successful in all relationships. The writing style keeps the reader's interest, and many walk away with a treasure from her words. A new focus for Barbara is working with her therapy dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As a team, Barbara and Britan spend many hours in assisted living facilities and at The Charlotte Douglas Airport, bringing people smiles and joy. Barbara continues to spend her days helping others enjoy a better quality of life.


What People Are Saying


Sharon B.

"Wonderful story of romance of an older couple... the characters will make us all believe there is hope for us all."

Rhonda W.

"Every women 55 years of age and above should read this book. It touches on so many feelings we have at this age. I saw myself in almost the entire book. And so very true, it is never to late for romance and love. So never give up"

Beverly T.

"A great love story and shows how you can live your life with the right person. Life's great mysteries and how to handle rejection are only part of this book. Has a great ending."


"This author gives a point of view that a Senior could be open to the possibilities of a chance to finally be loved and to love in return."

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