The Gift of a Lifetime: Building a Marriage that lasts!

Want a SUCCESSFUL Marriage?
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    Forgiveness. Forgiven lets you put the past behind you!
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    Acceptance. Couples must accept each other for what they are if they are to have a successful marriage.
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    Compassion. Compassion is tenderness and concern shown to a person in need of caring.
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    Trust. When trust issues plague a marriage, the couple has a hard time communicating on many levels.
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    Spirituality. When couples have a spiritual base in their marriage, their marriage is more likely to succeed.

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"Whatever your marital status, Gift of a Lifetime offers practical relationship tips and strategies that will enrich your union."

In The Book, You Will Discover FAITH:


A best friend is one you can count on no matter what!



Little acts of affection go a LONG way!


Share your deepest feelings without risk of rejection.


The most valuable thing we have is our time.


Happiness is an "inside job!"

About the Author: Barbara J Peters

Barbara Peters is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Author. The combination of her medical knowledge, emphatic skills, and diverse experience in mental health settings has been instrumental in counseling clients. She has a passion for helping couples find the love and fulfillment in their marriage that has often long eluded them. In her books, calling on her own life experiences as a wife and mother, and by working with couples, she is able to help the reader navigate the road to a lasting marriage. The tools she provides in her books are realistic, usable, and have proven successful in all relationships. The writing style keeps the reader's interest, and many walk away with a treasure from her words. A new focus for Barbara is working with her therapy dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As a team, Barbara and Britan spend many hours in assisted living facilities and at The Charlotte Douglas Airport, bringing people smiles and joy. Barbara continues to spend her days helping others enjoy a better quality of life.


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Larry James

"The Gift of a Lifetime: Building a Marriage That Lasts" is a must-read for everyone who would like to add some sparkle to their relationship. Her carefully crafted words will fan the flames and help you get back on tract."

Bill Path

"The Gift of a Lifetime' is a practical blueprint to a more fulfilling and enduring marriage and there could be no greater 'gift' to give yourself or anyone you care about."

Book Lady

"I have just read this wonderful book, and after 17 years of marriage, I learned a thing or two about enriching my marital relationship."

Chris Schoenhofer

"Excellent insights in an easy read. Highly recommend!"

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