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Finally, an easy-to-read guide that is a must read for any blended family partner with clearly guided steps of information you can apply right away for a successful blended family.

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This book is perfect for new couples and not only makes a great engagement or wedding gift, but is a must for everyone who wants a marriage for a lifetime.

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Discover 7 Keys to saving your relationship while learning valuable communication tips to rekindle your relationship (and keep you out of the divorce attorney’s office!)

Barbara J. Peters
Author and Relationship Coach

My books give you information that can be used immediately to encourage change and help create an even better relationship for the future. What I offer is my years of experience in counseling couples and relationship coaching to improve what can go from okay to great. 

Because I am in the business of saving marriages and relationships, I want to share my best advice with you and I want to make it affordable for you – right now.

Getting this information to those who are suffering in strained relationships is very important to me. I’m confident the information presented in my books is simple to follow, fun to read, and most importantly can save your relationship.

If you could enhance your relationship from okay to spectacular would you?

I believe that most of you would say YES!  And why not?  If you're in a relationship with poor communication and misunderstandings - I have a book written just for you. 

Barbara is available for interviews, book signings, and podcasts. Contact Barbara.

Self Help Relationship Books by Barbara J. Peters

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Blended Families - Recipes For Success

Family Challenges Human Relations Indie Book

Gold Medal Winner 2022


Blended families are surely on the rise with 40% of all marriages involving at least one partner having a child from a previous relationship. Blended families are hard on marriage with a divorce rate of 70%. Ouch!

This is why I have written an easy-to-understand and innovative book that could make the difference between a successful blended family and yet another divorce.

My new book is written in a fun to read recipe form, making "what to do" clear without excessive verbiage. Each part gets right to the point and provides just what you need to create a winning recipe for a happy family.

As an added bonus there is a section at the end of the book that gives you the chance to write your own blended family recipe.

My hope is that this book can help more blended families stay the course and reap the benefits of a happy family life.

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We have 10 official paperback copies signed by Barbara that can ship to you!

Looking for the perfect gift? These signed copies make great gifts for anyone entering a blended family relationship or anyone struggling with the challenges of a blended family.

The signed books are only $14.99 ea +S/H and only available from Booklogix. You can order yours today by clicking the button below.


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Did You Know? A couple's connection can either be strengthened or weakened depending on how their differences are handled? In my award-winning book "He Said, She Said, I Said," I take the most common communication complaints I hear from couples in my office and gets to their core – and teach you how to overcome them.

Discover: 7 keys to saving your relationships that in my practice have saved hundreds of relationships (Relationships they thought couldn’t be saved!)

Learn: Communication tips to rekindle your relationship (And keep you out of the divorce attorney’s office!)

Recapture The Spark: With the communication issues resolving, be free to revive the romance and pursue the passion (Enjoy the spark and sizzle that brought you together in the first place!)

In He Said, She Said, I Said, You'll Learn:

  • How to figure out the real issue
  • What's causing the conflict and how to resolve it
  • How a Relationship Maintenance Agreement works
  • How to implement a guide to stay on track
  • 7 Keys to making your relationship last a lifetime
  • How to connect emotionally
  • How to get the spark back into your marriage or relationship
  • How to stop the painful fighting
  • And so much more!

Make Your Relationship Successful TODAY!

If these challenges sound familiar, this book is for you! Couples counselor, Barbara J. Peters, offers simple ideas and approaches for reframing the way you look at the interactions and situations in your relationship.