Looking For Relationship Coaching?

I offer individual relationship coaching by phone or remotely by computer. 

The clients I work with are motivated and driven to achieve a better sense of fulfillment in life. Some might be the dreamers who want to make their dreams come true but need support and encouragement to take the steps.

Others might be the ones who have experienced a disappointment in a relationship or marriage and need the courage to move on.

Most are the ones who are willing and determined to get the most out of their 1440 minutes each day and are ready to make it happen.


What you can expect from me as a relationship coach:

  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Help you define your goals
  • Help you take action steps to achieve your goals
  • Provide challenging questions to motivate change
  • Give honest and objective feedback
  • Hold you accountable for staying on target with goals
  • Celebrate your successes and accomplishments


We are all works in progress, like an unfinished novel. I help people realize they have the ability to take authorship of their lives... because the best parts are the ones they haven't written yet.


Common Relationship Issues

My clients want better relationships. Although relationships come in many different forms; there are romantic relationships, parent-grownup child relationships, business relationships, in-law relationships, best friend relationships and more - the most important relationship is with yourself!

When we work together our focus is to identify your personal goals, create a plan to achieve them and make it happen. Our work will be designed for success.

What's The Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

Relationship Coaching and Relationship Counseling both focus on making changes. I provide coaching only, but sometimes individuals and couples may benefit from counseling.  Here are some differences to help you decide what is the best choice for you.



  • Focuses on setting and achieving goals in the present and future.
  • Does not involve a mental health diagnosis.
  • Coaching helps people who want to function at a higher level with either career or personal goals.
  • Is NOT covered by insurance.
  • There is no licensing or particular training or credentials required to work as a coach.
  • Coaches often work online or by phone for ease of time management.
  • Confidentiality is not protected by law.


  • Focuses on both the past and the present.
  • Therapy can help heal wounds from the past.
  • Treats a mental health or substance abuse problem (which includes everything from severe issues such as PTSD to minor, short-term issues such as adjustment disorders).
  • Is more problem oriented and solution focused.
  • Generally covered by insurance and health savings accounts.
  • Providers are licensed and regulated by the state.
  • Confidentiality (with certain limitations) is protected by law.

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