BLENDED FAMILIES: RECIPES FOR SUCCESS… A delightful book for those who live in a blended family. The illustrations are charming. Blended families tells you what to do and what not to do. It is just the perfect combination of information and illustrations. We recommend this book to the millions of families who are the majority of families. This is a great start to get you where you’re going.

Jeannette Lofas - PhD, LCSW

He Said She Said...”Keep your sense of humor while you read the advice you probably needed only yesterday……..Actually, to me it was reassuring to see that I haven’t been the only one to go through these experiences and conversations; I just wish I’d had this author’s wisdom, which is so wonderful because it is NOT judgmental. Without judgment, it seems rather simple stuff…..”

Kathleen K.

Are you engaged? Married recently? Married a long time? Experiencing trouble in your marriage? Blissfully happy? Whatever your marital status, Gift of a Lifetime offers practical relationship tips and strategies that will enrich your union.

Bill Lampton, PhD

The Gift of a Lifetime is “A masterwork relevant to anyone who is married or planning to be so, I would say “this book is truly a wonderful `gift’ in every sense of the word.” It overwhelmed me with emotion, warmed my soul, made me think about what is important in life, and left me with great hope. I was captivated by every page, every illustration, and every caring word. 

Bill R. Path - Author

The Gift of a Lifetime by Barbara J. Peters is truly a lifetime gift. Though this book is written to help couples build enduring marriages, it is a great people to people, human relations book. I find The Gift of a Lifetime a most helpful resource for improved relationships with spouses, families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others who are bound to us by circumstances. This book has made a positive difference in my attitude towards my husband, family and peers for I saw myself in the pages and instantly began making changes to me become a kinder, more considerate and mellower person for those I love and those who love me. Thanks Mrs. Peters, this book is a “Stress Buster.”

Amazon Customer

He Said She Said...”I just finished reading this book. As I turned the pages I kept thinking, “oh, that’s us!”. As I read on, I found practical, easy-to-implement advice. I can’t wait until my husband gets home from work to try some of them out! On second thought, I’m going to call him at work and start right away!  Loved it!”

Louise E.

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