Never Too Old For Romance… I really loved this book. I read it one day when I was away on a short vacation and I had a hard time putting this book down. I liked the introspection of the main character, the way she looked deep into herself and her needs and re-evaluated her life and specifically her love life.

Christine M.

Never Too Old For Romance… This was an easy read short book. I enjoyed the book very much. This book is about an older women’s perception about love and taking chances to finding herself and her happiness.
I would recommend this book to my friends.

Rain M.

Never Too Old For Romance... Every women 55 years of age and above should read this book. It touches on so many feelings we have at this age. I saw myself in almost the entire book. And so very true, it is never too late for romance and love. So never give up.

Rhonda W.

Never Too Old For Romance.. Being almost the same age as Melanie the main person of this story it was easy to relate. Many of us are seeking to be loved and to love. This story is about that. Being in a relationship and thinking the other person should know our needs is too much for the other person. 

Kindle Customer