Harmony for the Holidays: Navigating a Joyful and Successful Season in Your Blended Family

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The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and making lasting memories. For blended families, however, navigating the festivities can present unique challenges. Today, we’ll explore practical tips and strategies to ensure a successful and happy holiday season for … Read More

Helping Stepfathers Feel Included on Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. In many blended families, they may not even be recognized but stepfathers need special recognition too. They play an important role in the family, even though they might not be the biological father … Read More

The Blended Family: 6 Helpful Ideas for Your Day

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As a counselor, parent, and stepparent, I understand that even great relationships take work to remain strong. The couples heading up blended families face some particularly predictable potholes in the road ahead. But there are ways to navigate the challenges. … Read More

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