5 Things You May Be Doing That Can Ruin A Romance

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Some of you may remember the song “McArthur Park” from the psychedelic 1960s and redone again in 1978 by Donna Summer. It was written by Jimmy Webb and originally sung by Richard Harris. The singer tells the listeners that he … Read More

Relationship Health Depends On Forgiveness

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I recently saw the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I wasn’t really expecting to see a story about forgiveness. Of course, I had seen “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” as a child. Many of us have had that pleasure. But … Read More

Seven Ways To Have Fun In Your Relationship

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So many times, we hear that relationships are hard work. This statement often turns couples off who come to counseling because they do not want to hear that truth. As M. Scott Peck noted in his book The Road Less … Read More

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