A New Years Resolution: 2022

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Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions.

Here it is, that time again. But this past year has been rough for many; the pandemic is still raging, impacting our lives. We’ve had two years of the “new normal,” and yet we’re still adjusting to a changing way of life. What the future holds is not certain. Facing uncertainty, we are challenged to make plans for the coming year ahead. What kind of resolutions can we make?

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Making a commitment requires that you dedicate yourself to something, so think carefully. You will be obligated, which is more than an intention; rather, it is an action. What can you commit to doing this year that you have a reasonable hope of achieving? This year I resolve to be more giving. 

It is not difficult to say “thank you” and “please” more often. It is not hard to tell people how much they mean to you. It is not hard to offer a helping hand to a neighbor. Smiling more is also not so tough. There’s no trick to calling a friend to say hello, even if he or she has not called you.

Many of us get so tied up in our own lives that time eludes us, and we can’t stop to see what others might need. We rush everywhere: to work, to pick up the kids, to take the dogs out, to make dinner, and to do the laundry. What we don’t have time for is to stop for a minute and pause. To be in the moment.

My resolution is to pause and make sure I attend to the things that make others smile.

Saying I love you to a family member.

Giving hugs.

Thanking a store clerk for their help.

Calling a friend just to say “hello” and to see how they are.

Doing a favor for a neighbor.

But the most important part of this resolution is consistency. One day? Easy. But doing it more requires a change in perspective. I have read many essays about time, and how time is the one thing we cannot save or get back. We must use time as we get it. Many of us get up each morning and have another day if we are lucky. Hopefully, we should choose to live that day to the best of our ability.

So for 2022, consider this:

Kindness, respect, and compassion are free for us to give. A New Year’s resolution surely would be special if we could give just that.

What can YOU resolve to do in 2022?



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