Let the Endorphins Surge and Improve The Romance in Your Relationship

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It was time to check in for our trip to Paris. An injured wrist and recovering knee had been worrying me about going on such a strenuous trip, and I thought about canceling it once again. Our relationship could use … Read More

Could Technology Be Negatively Affecting Your Marriage?

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Technology has radically changed the way we work and communicate. It’s now possible to converse via our computers or our phones. Social media can be used for emotional support, social connections, or the promotion of a business, or managing your … Read More

How To Have a Successful Relationship: 9 Do’s and Don’ts

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I have come to believe that there are certain qualities in most good relationships. Having these qualities doesn’t guarantee that your relationship will stand the test of time, but these can be a good yardstick for measuring the authenticity (and … Read More

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