Let the Endorphins Surge and Improve The Romance in Your Relationship

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It was time to check in for our trip to Paris. An injured wrist and recovering knee had been worrying me about going on such a strenuous trip, and I thought about canceling it once again. Our relationship could use a romantic boost. Everyday life had taken a toll on our connection. It was the third time that we had to postpone the trip, and I was really looking forward to it this time. I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower again, walk around the little neighborhood that we loved, eat amazing food, drink wine, walk down the Champs Elysée, drink café crème, eat breakfast croissants and see some things we had not seen before. For me, there is no other city with the romance, charm, and history of Paris. I wondered if my wrist and knee would detract from our fun. But we took a chance, and we went anyway.


Oddly enough, I started to feel some anticipation once we boarded the plane. I no longer focused on the complications my pain might cause. I didn’t have to put the pain-relieving cream on my hand or take any more Tylenol. The eight-hour flight passed effortlessly, and as we watched the landing at Charles De Gaulle airport, I was excited.                                                                    Barbara J Peters and George in Paris romance love


And one day into the trip, as we reveled in all the delights of our vacation, I found that I had no pain at all. As the days went by, I was able to walk for miles, keep up a steady stream of conversation and delighted laughter, and savor all the beauty around me. We enjoyed the romance, art, beautiful architecture, and each other’s company. It was everything we had hoped for, and quite a bit more. Even the wet and rainy weather didn’t matter at all. We were able to have long talks about all sorts of things without the usual interruptions of dogs barking or cell phones going off. We laughed and even learned a few new things about each other. Our connection was enhanced by our surroundings.


Do I think that this magical cure was brought on by the magic of Paris? Well, partly. But I think it was also due to the brain chemistry that changed as we traveled to Europe and explored a new and wonderful destination. It was endorphins. I believe they lifted my spirits and mended my body. They gave me new levels of energy and made me feel the gift of total happiness. It was easy to be in the moment with my spouse as we laughed and discussed issues.


What are endorphins? They are “feel good” hormones secreted by the brain and central nervous system. They are peptides that activate the body’s natural opiate receptors. These powerful chemicals have an analgesic effect (they eliminate pain), and they also elevate one’s mood. They relieve stress and allow us to have more energy. Endorphins can be stimulated by exercise, sex, eating, getting a massage, and many other human activities. They are part of our body’s emergency system for managing situations that might be disabling.


I feel so lucky that I was able to coast on just the right neurotransmitters to reach a peak state of enjoyment and intimacy. And I am glad that I did not let the wrist injury keep me from fulfilling a lifelong goal. Everything combined to make sure that we could have days of relaxation and excitement. My husband was also able to leave his work behind and be a big part of this happiness. And shopping! Did I mention the shopping? Now that’s some real happiness!


romance and locks of love on a Paris bridgeNow that I am home, I feel like a changed person. The change of scenery and lack of stress brought us closer and rekindled feelings we had forgotten. I have a wealth of memories and some interesting new information to ponder. The wise and conservative course would have been to stay home, take care of myself, and wait for a long healing process to be complete. Instead, I got to take a shortcut to bliss. And my conclusion is: We should act on our dreams when we have the chance. Don’t wait because you never know if there will be a second chance. This is something I want to honor in the future.


Take a chance at happiness for your marriage or relationship. You may not be able to hop a plane to Paris, but you can find things to raise those endorphins right in your own backyard. Try to get over your fear of taking a risk. Your body knows what it needs and is built to help you. By trusting these inborn systems, our life and relationships can reap such huge rewards!

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