5 Things About Communication You May Not Have Known

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Communication is our lifeline, much like a life preserver is to a drowning person. Without it, we are bereft. It is a learned skill, but unfortunately, not many efforts have been made to teach it. It is more or less … Read More

Some Marriages Can’t Be Fixed – Create A New One

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This title sounds weird, doesn’t it? Especially coming from a marriage counselor. Often clients call on me to save their marriage and fix what is wrong. It occurred to me that using that word, fix, is about as productive as … Read More

Commitment Vs Resolution In The New Year

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Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions. It’s almost as big a tradition as the holidays themselves. Another year is just beginning. Why not make this one different? Take a leap and don’t make a resolution—instead, make a commitment. A … Read More

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